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Commercial Shelving 

As anyone in commerce knows, running a business generates paperwork, a lot of paperwork. There are records that must be maintained by law for tax purposes, records of customer transactions, records of supplier transactions, internally generated reports and the supplies that every business requires on a day to day basis.

Many businesses have existing storage in place, but are running into obstacles. Maybe it takes too long to locate patient records, or downsizing to a smaller office no longer accommodates bulky filing cabinets.

Maxstor is a leading Adelaide supplier of a versatile range of Commercial Shelving with the flexibility to suit a wide range of applications that makes finding the right solution to suit your business easy. Our team can help you with your everyday file storage and business supplies storage problems. Take a look at some of the office-based storage solutions we offer in Adelaide below and get in touch with our team directly or email us to discuss how we can help solve your storage dilemma. 


Long-Lasting Storage Solutions

All Maxstor Commercial Shelving supplied is designed for both functionality and long service so you know that when you install new Commercial Shelving from Maxstor it will stand the test of time. That means a better long-term return on your investment and confidence that it will function trouble free for the life of the product.


Your Partners in Commercial Shelving

If you are unsure where to start when it comes to Commercial Shelving, our team in Adelaide can guide you in your selection of the right solution. Similarly, if you know exactly what you want, then we can help with design and installation to ensure a fast and stress free experience.

Get in touch with the Maxstor team today to find out more about our Commercial Shelving storage solutions.


Commercial Roll Post Shelving

Applications: Filing. Archives, Business Supplies
commercial file storage

Roll Post Shelving is simple and widely used for the storage of files, archived records and business supplies. Shelving can be configured either in single-sided or double-sided rows and can easily be extended or relocated. Shelves are quickly adjustable in 25mm vertical increments to suit different file sizes or when used with plastic storage bins.

An extensive range of accessories allows the shelving to be configured for specific applications.

Technical Details

  • Heights: 1875, 2175, 2375mm
  • Bay widths: 750, 900, 1200 mm
  • Bay depths: 300, 400, 450 mm
  • Shelf capacity: Up to 100kgs Uniformly Distributed Load
  • Finish: Grey or beige pre-painted steel

Accessories: Wire dividers, PVC coated wire file racks, roll out file suspension frames, lateral filing frames, roll out drawers, roll out reference shelves.

Medium Duty Roll Post Shelving is also available for storage of heavier records such as medical imaging with a shelf capacity of up to 200kgs Uniformly Distributed Load.


Space-Saving Mobile Shelving For The Office or Workplace

For many businesses, space is an issue. Even if you have storage space, you may not be utilising it to its full potential.  Mobile Shelving can solve the limitations of a small storage space providing all the benefits of Roll Post Shelving in a compact mobile system that may double the storage capacity of the area.

Even in a small filing room, a mobile shelving system 2.56m L x 0.95m W can store the equivalent of up to ten 4 drawer filing cabinets. Check out more on these below.

Applications: File and archive storage, retail reserve stock, spare parts inventory

Mobile shelving provides a dense storage system by fitting Roll Post Shelving to wheeled carriages or bases that run on tracks in either single or double-sided configurations, thereby reducing the aisles required to access the faces of the shelving to one. A large number of mobile stacks may therefore be located in a smaller area than would be required for static Roll Post Shelving. Mobile shelving systems may be either on low profile tracks laid on the floor allowing wheel chair access, self-based systems that can be easily relocated, or for large systems, fixed to the floor. Mobile stacks of shelving may be moved to create an aisle for access manually, by mechanical means, or electronically.

Technical Details

As per Roll Post Shelving, however limitations on length of stacks and loads apply. Please refer to Maxstor Pty Ltd.

The Complete Guide to Commercial Shelving and How Commercial Shelves Can Save You Money


Commercial shelving is a great way to organize your work space and save money. It can help you create a storage system that maximizes the use of valuable floor space.

In this guide, we will cover all of the basics on commercial shelving and how it can be used in the following settings: retail, office, warehouse, and storage. We’ll also talk about some of the most common types of commercial shelves and why they’re so beneficial for businesses.

What are Commercial Shelves? What are the Benefits of Steel Vs. Wood Shelving?

Commercial shelves are the perfect way to optimize your storage space. They can be used not only to store products, but also for decorative purposes.

We have a number of advantages when it comes to steel vs wood shelves, but what are they?

If you’re in the market for shelving, there are a number of pros and cons to consider. Steel shelving is less expensive, but will need to be cleaned every six months at minimum. The other downside is that steel shelves can’t take the abuse that wood shelves can if they’re not reinforced. Wood shelves are more expensive, but they can be stained or painted any color you want.

Steel shelves offer a number of advantages over wood shelves that cannot be overlooked. They are more durable and often less expensive than wood or other materials.

How to Choose The Best Commercial Shelves for Your Business

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing the best shelves for your commercial space.

  • The first consideration is the purpose of the shelves, as it will dictate what type of shelves you will need.
  • Do you want them for display purposes, storage purposes, or both?
  • The type of retailer you are and your budget will also dictate what type of material and style you choose.
  • Are you looking for affordable options? Stainless steel? Wood? Glass? Plastic? We recommend getting a professional opinion on what would work best for your retail business before deciding which shelf is right for you.

Pegboard Gondola Shelving – An Essential Part of Your Commercial Kitchen

Pegboard is a great way to organize your kitchen and store your cooking supplies. It also helps you save space and keeps everything visible so you can find what you need, when you need it.

Pegboard gondola shelving is a great option for those who want to save space as well as prevent clutter in the kitchen. Gondola shelving is also cheaper than traditional storage shelves, which makes them a perfect option for those who are looking to make their kitchen more organized without spending too much money.

Peek Into the Benefits of Pegboard Gondola Shelving in Commercial Kitchens

There are various benefits of using pegboard gondola shelving in commercial kitchens. It provides greater visibility and better access to ingredients for chefs and cooks, such as crucial cooking oils and spices.

The design also makes it easier to see the whole grocery list, which is displayed on the back of the shelf. They can check what they need to buy next right in front of them. This is beneficial because there is no need to keep going back and forth between the grocery list and the fridge in order to maintain a successful inventory.

Pegboard also saves space by making efficient use of vertical space on the wall by stacking up rows of shelves against each other. There’s no need for additional tables, panels or any other installation whatsoever when using this shelving design.

Introduction to Gondola Shelves

Gondola Shelves are shelves that are placed in the basement of grocery stores. They usually carry a range of products that are less often bought, such as soup and pasta sauce. The Gondola shelves also provide a more spacious area for shoppers to walk around, and they typically have lower prices than the rest of the store.

Gondolas typically carry a range of products that are less often bought, such as soup and pasta sauce. The Gondola shelves also provide a more spacious area for shoppers to walk around, and they typically have lower prices than the rest of the store.

What are the Benefits of Gondolas?

Gondolas are an excellent solution for travelling up mountains. They work by allowing you to attach your car to a cable that runs through the cabins. This is an efficient way of transporting passengers and goods, as they only need to use one cable system.

The first gondola was built in 1884 in Lyon, France. It had 20 gondolas which could each hold 10 people each with a total capacity of 200 people per hour.

How Do You Install Pegboard Shelving?

Installing Pegboard Shelving

Installing pegboard shelving is a great way to create an organized storage space. You can hang just about anything on pegboard shelves, making your basement, garage, or anywhere else you install them a more efficient and user-friendly space. If you want help with installing your shelving unit, we’ve got the steps for you!

The first thing you’ll want to do before installing any shelving unit is measure the area where it will be placed. Pegboard shelving comes in six lengths: 18″, 24″, 36″, 48″, 60″ and 72″. Measure the area and add 12″ to that measurement for each side of the shelving unit to get the proper size for your installation.

Gondola Shelves are Perfect for Retail Stores Too!

Retail stores are always looking for ways to attract customers. They want to make their store stand out from the other retail stores in town. One option is to have a colorful logo on the building, but another option could be adding a few gondola shelves inside of your store.

Gondola shelves are perfect for retail stores too! Gondolas are an inexpensive way to decorate your store, and they can be put anywhere you want them to go. You can use them as an island in the middle of your store or along the walls near your checkout counter. They come in many different shapes and sizes so you should have no problem finding one that fits just right with your store’s design.