Special Racks

Carpet & Pipe Racking

Applications - Storage of rolls of carpet, vinyl flooring, rubber, pipe & tube

Carpet RackingStandard pallet racking may be used for the storage of carpet or pipe by configuring 2 or more rows of pallet racking to form a single deep rack. Continuous decking spanning the support beams from front to back is then fitted in each bay to provide a uniform support for the rolls. By using various depths of frames, racking can be designed to suit various lengths of carpet or pipe. Standard counter balanced fork trucks are used by fitting special attachments to enable the rolls to be handled with all rolls able to be individually accessed.

"A" Frame Racks

Applications - Storage of lengths of aluminium, timber, plastic profiles.

"A" Frame Racks

Pallet racking may be configured into "A" Frames with beams to form a rack that can be used to store long lengths of product in the vertical. This allows individual lengths of products to be manually stored and retrieved.

Dividers are available to segregate the different profiles in the bays for quick and easy picking.

Cable Racks

Applications - For storage of drums of cable

Cable Racks

Standard pallet racking can be fitted with special cable rack tubular support brackets on one face of the rack that are in turn used to hold tubular cable drum support bars. The advantage of this system is that cable can be unwound from the drums to the desired length without having to handle the drum. Several drums may be stored in each bay depending on drum size and weight.

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