Roll Post Shelving

Applications: Spare Parts, Archives and Files, Small Cartons, Apparel & Manchester

Roll Post ShelvingRoll Post shelving is widely used for the storage of small quantities of items that can be picked manually. Shelving can be configured either in single sided or double sided rows. Available in both Light Duty and Medium Duty, to suit light and medium load applications. An extensive range of accessories allows the shelving to be divided into smaller compartments.

Standard Sizes

  • Heights: 1875, 2175 & 2375 mm
  • Bay Widths: 750, 900 & 1200
  • Bay Depths: 300, 400, 450, 500, 600
  • Shelf capacity: 110 & 230 kgs Uniformly Distributed Load

Angle Shelving:

Applications: As Roll Post

Angle rackingAngle Shelving has the advantage of being able to be assembled in modular units using standard sized steel shelves or fabricated in custom sizes to suit specific dimensions using particleboard, MDF or similar as shelves.

Available in 4 sections with a unique pre-punched hole pattern that enables rigid and strong connections to be made, the angle may also be used to fabricate a wide range of structures including:

  • Shelving
  • Light duty racking
  • Workbenches & packing benches
  • Raised storage areas

Long Span Shelving

Applications - Large spare parts, archive boxes, cartons, loose furniture.

Long Span Shelving

Long Span Shelving utilises either pallet racking or channel post shelving with particleboard, plywood, mesh or fabricated steel shelves to store non-palletised items. Shelving may be configured several metres in height with the product or items being picked manually from the ground, or using stock pickers for higher applications.

A range of Long Span Shelving bay heights, widths and depths is available with several beam and column sections available to suit the span and loading configuration.

Mobile Shelving

Applications – archive storage, office filing, retail reserve stock.

Mobile shelving provides a dense storage system by enabling a considerable amount of shelving to be fitted into a small area by reducing the number of aisles used to access the faces of the shelving to one. Multiple bays of shelving in either single or double-sided configurations are mounted on mobile bases that run on tracks. Mobile stacks of shelving may be moved manually, by mechanical means or electronically to create an aisle for access. Mobile shelving systems may be either on tracks fixed to the floor or have a built in base allowing them to be easily re-located.

Sizes - As per shelving, however limitations on length of stacks and loads apply.

Cool Room Shelving

Applications - Food storage, cool rooms

Cool Room shelving is ideal for use in kitchens, cool rooms, freezers and other food storage applications. The design of Cool Room shelving minimises the build up of dust and dirt making it easy to keep clean and the zinc plated finish helps prevent rusting in damp environments. Cool Room shelving requires no tools for assembly as beams lock into the upright frames and shelves simply drop into the beams. All frames are fiited with levelling feet for areas where the floor is uneven.


Wire Shelving

Applications - Medical, Retail, Clean Rooms

CompactorWire shelving is ideal for use in kitchens, medical storage areas and for retail display applications. The clean finish of Wire Shelving shelving minimises the build up of dust and dirt making it easy to keep clean. Wire Shelving requires no tools for assembly shelves slide onto the tubular uprights and are locked in place with a plastic retainer. All frames are fiited with levelling feet for areas where the floor is uneven or can be fitted with castors and grab handles for moveable units. Several mobile units can also be configured in a row with an overhead guide to form a Compactor mobile storage system.

Available in a in a range of heights widths and depths to suit most applications and finished in black epoxy as well as chrome, stainless steel and zinc plated finishes .

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