Raised Storage Areas

Raised Storage Areas

Raised Storage Areas are an excellent way of increasing the storage capacity of an existing facility and often less costly than having to re-locate to new and larger premises. Raised Storage Areas may be constructed using pallet racking, shelving or prefabricated steel sections with either timber or steel flooring to suit a variety of storage and load requirements. They may be open floor areas suitable for the storage of large items or cartons or they may be shelved for the storage of smaller items.

Raised Storage Area are supplied with handrails, stairways and pallet access gates (where required).

Pallet Gates

Maxstor Pty Ltd supply and install pallet gates for use on Raised Storage Areas to provide edge protection and additional safety for operators whilst loading and unloading pallets onto the Raised Storage Area. Simple to operate and install they provide a constant guard rail to prevent accidental falls.

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