Rack Accessories

Mesh Decks

Mesh Decks are used with pallet racking to provide secure strong storage for items such as cartons or in situations where undersized pallets are to be stored. They have distinct advantages over traditional timber decks:

  • very strong by comparison
  • do not collect dust and keep stock cleaner
  • fire proof
  • easy to install, handle and maintain

Mesh Deck

Mesh decks are available in a range of sizes to suit several bay widths and depths as well as light, medium and heavy duty load capacities.

A range of accessories are also available to covert the Mesh Decks into storage bins.

Upright Protectors

Upright Protectors are available in both fabricated steel and high impact HDPE thermoplastic material. Upright protectors provide protection of rack uprights from low impact damage caused by fork lift trucks, a major cause of rack failure.

Fabricated steel columns protectors are usually mechanically anchored to the floor in front of the rack columns and are available in a range of styles including corner and bollard types. Painted Orange they provide strong visible protection from low level impact by fork lift trucks.

Fabricated steel clip on column protectors are also available.

RACK ARMOUR Upright Protectors

Rack Armour Upright Protectors are easily fitted to existing rack columns without bolting and are available in sizes to suit a variety of racking brands. They are low cost and available a variety of heights. The outer shell is manufactured from tough ballistics grade polymer that can absorb low level impacts from forklift trucks without suffering permanent deformation. The specially designed foam inner absorbs any residual force of the impact and diffuses the force along the length of the unit rather than being concentrated at the point of impact making it less likely that and damage will occur to the upright.



Pallet & Load Support Bars

Support bars for particleboard
and MDF Shelves

Pallet & Load Support Bars used with undersized pallets to provide secure support on pallet rack load beams or to provide additional load capacity and reduce deflection when using particleboard or MDF shelves with pallet racking in Long Span Shelving applications.

Load & Maintenance Signs

Load & Maintenance Signs in accordance with AS 4084 (Steel Storage Racking) - Section 9: "Operation and Maintenance of Adjustable Pallet Racking", it is recommended that both Rack Load and Maintenance Signs of an approved size be fixed at suitable locations where they can be easily read by operators on all pallet racking .

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