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From its early days starting as Bruces Confectionery, JB Metropolitan Distributors has made the transition from the family garage to become Australia’s largest independent confectionery, snack food, grocery and beverage distribution company with leading brands Red Bull, Smiths, Nestlé, Mondelez, Mars, Wrigleys, Lipton Ice Tea and many more.
With advanced IT systems that tracks customer orders to modern climate controlled warehouses where it is picked & packed, every order is scanned to make sure every order is delivered within a 24 hour delivery turn around meeting the company’s expected service level of 99% DIFOT (Delivered In Full and On Time).




The exceptionally high service levels has seen JB’s Adelaide operations expand to the point that the business outgrew the premises at Royal Park and decided to relocate to larger premises in Edinburgh North.



Having worked with Maxstor previously providing storage racking, SA Manager Mr Jeff Spiteri called on Maxstor to provide a plan for range of storage solutions including.

  • Picking lanes of Carton Live Storage for split case picking with pallet storage over
  • Gravity conveyor to transport orders picked to tote pins to the packing and shipping area
  • Selective pallet racking with MonkeyMESH® modular Safety Screen
  • ·Dismantle and re-installation of existing pallet racking and long span shelving

Maxstor completed the installation of the new CLS and selective pallet racking prior to JB relocating their stock and then dismantled the existing pallet racking at Royal Park and re-installed it at Edinburgh North.

“I have used Maxstor countless times to provide solutions to my pallet racking requirements and have always been extremely satisfied with the result. Anytime a curve ball or change in direction was communicated to Maxstor they made the time to come out, sit down & understand the new direction. This kind of customer service is few & far between and that understanding of what I needed, made sure the job was executed to specification in a timely manner”
Jeff Spiteri – State Manager, SA

Pallet Racking

Maxstor has Pallet Racking solutions to suit every Customer, from popular selective pallet racking, Double-Deep or Drive-In options that better suit businesses.

Installation & Relocation

Maxstor offers a full service for the installation and relocation of all types of Storage Equipment

Rack Safety Audits

Maxstor can provide an audit of your pallet racking to identify any areas requiring corrective action and provide a written report.