High Density Storage

High Density Storage

BOSCOTEKTM High Density Storage cabinets are designed to offer efficient and robust work place storage units using configurable drawers and compartments to provide a storage solution for small parts, tools or equipment in a smaller footprint than can be achieved using conventional shelving systems.


Amongst the many features of High Density Storage cabinets are:

  • Central locking system providing a high level of lock integrity and increased security
  • Integrated anti-tilt mechanism to prevent more than one drawer being opened at a time and injuries resulting from accidental tilt over
  • Heavy Duty sealed bearing drawer runners that provide a high drawer load capacity and maintenance free operation
  • A wide range of cabinet & drawer sizes to provide the greatest possible density storage and minimise space requirements

Cabinets are available in a range of widths and heights with drawer depths to suit a variety of part sizes to be stored.

High Density StorageHigh Density StorageHigh Density Storage


High Density Storage Units come with a full range of accessories to allow drawers to be configured to suit individual applications. They include:

  • Drawer Partitions. Divide the width of the drawers into segments. Inserted easily into slots in front and rear of the drawers at 25mm increments.
  • Drawer Dividers. Used in conjunction with Drawer Partitions they are used to segment drawers into compartments from front to rear. Available in a range of sizes they are inserted easily into slots in Drawer Partitions and Drawer sides at 25mm increments.
  • Drawer Bins. High impact plastic drawer bins are useful for storing small parts and components that can be easily removed and relocated without removing the contents.
  • Steel Drawer Trays. Ideal for applications where the components need to be taken to the work area or location away from the unit. Trays provide an ordered compartment system that can be removed without disturbing the contents.
  • Groove Trays. High impact plastic groove trays are useful for storing sensitive tools such as taps, reams, drill or screwdriver bits.
  • Tool Supports. Designed to securely hold tools, Tool Supports are ideal for storing various size spanners and similar tools.

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