Complete range of storage solutions from Maxstor, Adelaide.

An independent and reliable source of storage equipment to suit a diverse range of applications including ...

  • Pallet & Drive-In Racking
  • Cantilever Racking
  • Carpet, Pipe Racking & Special Racks
  • Raised Storage Areas
  • Rack Accessories
  • Dangerous Goods Storage
  • Shelving & Mobile Shelving
  • Small Parts Storage
  • Work Benches

As our motto says, we believe that no job is too small or too large and by utilising the diverse and extensive range of storage equipment available to us, we can provide the most appropriate solution for you.



Maxstor is now supplying its range of storage equipment from the company's new base in Adelaide. Servicing Adelaide, South Australia and the Northern Territory Maxstor Pty Ltd can provide storage solutions from the biggest item to the smallest. From Pallet Racking to High Density Storage Cabinets, from Dangerous Goods containers to specialised racks, Maxstor has got a storage solution for them all!

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Did you know that Australian Standard AS 4084 - 2012 recommends that pallet racking should be carried out on a regular basis and at least every 12 months (Section 8.2)? Faulty or damaged pallet racking can lead to failures resulting in serious injury to people and property.

Rack audits are an essential means of ensuring that your pallet racking is being used safely and in accordance with the original design, that any damages are identified so that corrective action can be taken for the rackiing to be repaired and that safe working loads are being adhered to.

Maxstor can provide a visual ground level* audit of your pallet racking to identify any areas requiring corrective action and provide a written report.

Call Maxstor now to arrange an audit of your pallet racking.

* Visual ground level inspections performed are limited to the extent that racking components are visible. It does not determine items such as cracks in welds , stress weakness or damage to the pallet racking members that cannot be seen at the time of inspection.


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